Let yourself be relax by our expert and100% professional hands

Holistic massage

60 min: $750

This massage is more vigorous designed to relieve muscle tension and stress

Aromatic massage

60 min: $750

Gentle massage with long, fluid movements incorporates essential oils

Hot stones massage

75 min: $850

Relieves tensed muscles caused by stress the stones are placed at points of stress

Foot and legs massage

60 min $700

The feet and legs are massaged, they expand and get into hot wax, paraffin oil to moisturize dry skin

Chocolate massage

75 min $900

Reaffirms and moisturizes your skin 

Cactus paddle massage

75 min $900

Cactus paddle protects against sun damage and helps eliminate environmental toxins, reduce fluid retention to conceal the appearance of cellulite


60 min $700

An energizing whole body massage that gently exfoliates with lavender salt scrub